Dreams of Jack Daniels – A new journey

bottle of jack daniels

The image above is what I used to dream about. A full bottle of Jack Daniels, and a glass to drink it out of. Ice was optional. I used to tell myself that Jack Daniels was my best friend and my worst enemy.

My name is Emmett, and I am an alcoholic.

A recovered alcoholic. I used to go to AA meetings and I gave AA my best, most open-minded shot, but I found that I just couldn’t do it. This caused me a lot of grief and self-struggle, until I learned that I had what it took to get sober and stay sober without AA. Life has been pretty good since that realization.

At the website linked to above, I share my experience and some tips on how I was able to get sober without AA. But this blog is going to be different. This blog is going to be my journal as I explore the darker side of my personality, the side that used to say, “F*ck it, pour another drink,” as my world crashed around me.

It’s a little unsettling to know that a part of your personality, your inner being, is so self-destructive. It can actually be kind of scary. But I’ve learned to live with it so far, and I hope to learn more by writing here.

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